Thursday, January 12, 2012

WIP: 1/144 NG G Gundam (Part 3)

I begin this latest blog with a warning for other Gunpla builders: If you're spraying parts with shellac-based primer indoors, and you're trying to remove the excess from the kitchen sink with ammonia, then there's one thing you should know . . .

It stinks like hell.

Here's what I mean.

The shoulder armor, chest and feet have already been primed.

So I moved on to all the yellow parts after cleaning them and filling the holes with putty.  I also sanded down the blade of the beam sword (Above).

Next I stuck the parts onto some masking tape so I could prime them all at once.

If Japanese modelers drink tea to relax, is coffee the appropriate drink for Americans?

In hindsight, I should've primed outdoors.  I sprayed too close and primer obscured some details and took longer to dry.

Given my commitment to this and my other projects, I figured I should retract my earlier statement of entering the MAC Forums' modeling contest.  And with real life butting in, I might not be able to submit anything at all.  But I've been doing constant research on my picks for the contest and I really want to take part.  Of course, to really put in an effort I would have to drop a lot of bad habits, which shouldn't really be a problem for people with hobbies in the first place!

Until next time, Happy New Year (a week and 3 days late).