Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guess What I Got Today! (2)

In this second edition of Guess . . ., I present to you a special package I've been expecting for weeks after its arrival to my state from Kyoto, Japan.  Opening the box and sifting through crumpled-up ads of toy trains, bento box lunches, and "Evangelion Christmas Cake," I finally uncovered . . .

The 1/144 HGUC Char's Zaku II (7 Eleven Colors)

As with all the other Gunpla I couldn't get locally, I snagged this at an eBay auction.  Though it originally sold for 1300 yen ($15.00), this set me back $50.  But getting it any cheaper would've meant flying to Japan, driving to the nearest 7 Eleven that had the kit in stock, and buying it along with a chili dog, wasabi chips and a ginseng soda.  So this was actually a bargain.  Though I already have Char's original Zaku, it remains the most versatile kit in my collection and I didn't mind having another like it.  This is what the Red Comet himself would pilot if he worked at a convenience store; then maybe I'd get my food 3 times faster!

Here are pics of the sides of the box:

Here's what's inside:

As though predicting the hassles that would befall getting my hands on this model, the seller was generous enough to throw in a thank-you note, along with a few extra treats:

Two bagged snacks, a Pokemon puzzle with gum and a cute origami bird.

Whether I'll paint the Zaku as I build it remains to be seen.  Till that day comes, I owe you an SD, an NG and a kitbash, so stay tuned for those.  Until next time, Oh Thank Heaven!

Monday, October 10, 2011

WIP: SD G-Gundam (Part 2)

For an SD kit I'm building straight out of the box, it's sure taking a while to finish.  When I'm not busier than usual during the week, I'm reading, watching TV and websurfing between paint jobs.  That and following discussions concerning the premiere of Gundam AGE makes for a weekend full of distractions.  But the project itself is coming along nicely, despite having to paint dark plastic parts in lighter colors.  Here's what I've got so far:

Front and back of the completed head

Both arms

The chest

The torso

One of 2 chest pieces included for the chest

And finally, the Core Lander that attaches to G Gundam's back.

Though it's too bright to see, I painted the thrusters chrome silver with a coat of clear yellow.

And there you have it.  Though I don't have pics of it, I also painted and detailed the 2 beam swords included with the model.  I'll try working on the other parts during the week so that I'd wrap things up by this weekend.  I'm also expecting something new in the mail, so stay tuned for that.  Until next time, does anybody else have the AGE theme song stuck in their head?