Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: 1/144 NG Javelin

General/Technical Data

Series: No Grade 1/144
Title: RGM-122 Javelin
Release Date: 05/1993
Suggested Price: ¥ 500 ($7)
No. of Parts: 51 + Polycaps + Foil Stickers
Plastic Colors: Turquoise, White, Translucent Pink
Gimmicks: Beam Rifle, Shot Lancers (2), Beam Sabers (2), Beam Shield, Display Base


Another entry from the Victory Gundam line, I built the Javelin (which I always call the Valiant for some reason) alongside the Zoloat.  Designed in the same vein, it's as dated in model form as it is on the show.


The head consists of 2 halves, with the visor protruding from the back.  Stickers are included for the visor and face.


The photo above should describe the construction of the chest better than what was written for the Zoloat's review.  All stickers pertaining to the torso go on the chest.

At the center of this photo is the backpack, composed of 2 large parts.  Surrounding it are a pair of "Shot Lancers"--basically rocket-powered lances--that hoist onto the backpack.  Watching closely, you'll notice the Lancers have polycaps made of the same polystyrene plastic as the rest of the kit, instead of the soft ABS plastic that's always used.  This would present a problem if and when these joints wear themselves out.  You'll also notice that, having built the Lancers in haste, I've left out the folding handle that the Javelin can grab on to.

The lower torso is basically the same as the Zoloat's, except the side skirt armor's a lot smaller by comparison.


As with the rest of the kit, the arms are similar to the Zoloat's in terms of construction.  Once fixed onto their respective ball joints in the torso, The shoulder armor, with a tiny thruster piece on the side (first pic), overlaps the exposed shoulder.  The left arm includes a compartment for the beam shield.


Having about 3 points of articulation, the legs have thrusters molded onto the knee armor and a tiny hole on the side for attaching the included rifle.  My main concern is that the foot is composed of 2 parts that fit loosely at the heel, which is hallow on both sides.

Weapons & Accessories

Besides the Shot Lancers, Javelin's arsenal includes a standard beam rifle, which has holes on the side and a peg to attach to the legs.  It's also pretty small compared to the weaponry of other kits in the same scale.  Next is the beam shield affixed to the left arm with a generator piece, and a pair of beam sabers; one straight, one curved.  As with Zoloat, translucent parts for a display stand with a backdrop card (which has MS data on the back) is also included.


Thrusters, thrusters everythere!  With so many verniers sticking out of the body, Javelin--though looking pretty goofy even for a battle robot--should have no problem in the propulsion department.  In real life, this is basically Zoloat molded in turquoise, and with a better-fitting shield.

Overall Rating: 3 Verniers Out of 5.