Sunday, March 25, 2012

WIP: 1/144 NG G Gundam (Part 5)

In less than a week, I've finally completed the 1/144th scale No Grade God Gundam.  Besides the painting, the hard part was waiting for everything to dry.  But because I often didn't add thinner to the paint used, the finished surface didn't smooth out as neatly as I wanted, thus having to work on the same parts multiple times.  Another gripe is that I tried to shade the shiny yellow God Finger with runny orange paint and wound up with a muddy finish.  But that didn't annoy me nearly as much as when I finally attached the spikes to the forearm guards, which I almost couldn't do after over-priming the spikes weeks earlier.  Nonetheless, the kit is complete and I moved on to my favorite part of the process.  So without further ado . . .


Form feet and legs!

Form arms and torso!

I'll form the HEAD!

If wooden swords work for other anime shows, it can work for Gundam.

All things considered, I've learned a lot from building this kit, and you can't argue with the results (especially when you're taking photos with lots of lighting and where small errors don't show).  I'll get started on my MAC Forums project as soon as I review God Gundam.  But even that will have to wait, since I'll be joining my family on a small vacation.  At least I'm leaving this for you, the viewer, before I go.  Until next time . . .

I'm posting this pic on this particular blog to see how many views it gets.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Guess What I Got Today (5)

I know I said my next blog would show off my completed G Gundam, but I've just received a new item via FedEx with an interesting backstory behind it:

Yes, I always post my own pics but I've just been overwhelmed with chores and errands for the past 7 hours.

Anyway, rather than wait for someone to sell it online to the highest bidder, I pre-ordered my own HG Gundam SEED Custom Kit, a freebie with next month's issue of Hobby Japan magazine (which you've probably already read on Gundam Guy), from GGInfinite.  But the story begins 2 days ago, when I received an email from someone in Austin, TX telling me that he received a package that had both his invoice and mine.

Believing said package to be mine, the stranger had me confirm my order number and after 2 more messages, the package was on its way to my neck of the woods.  I was eager to compensate the stranger for his troubles, but he was satisfied that we were able to resolve this dilemma amongst ourselves (and I was thankful he didn't take up my offer).  This simple act really goes to show the courtesy and class that I know the modeling community is capable of.  As for GGInfinite, I could say it was simple mistake on their part and I'm sure they could've helped me out if I contacted them.  But I've known eBay sellers who've never screwed up that bad.  Let's leave it at that.

In closing, the stranger knows he has my thanks and I hope he enjoys his kit as much as I'll enjoy mine.  So what's so special about it?

As most Gunpla builders should know, the SEED Custom Kit has customization parts to make Bandai re-released High Grade SEED models more posable.  But it also includes a 1/144 scale 'Grand Slam' sword, which was included with the 1/60 Perfect Grade Strike Gundam and featured in the short film Gundam EVOLVE 7.  A peg on this sword's hilt also makes it compatible with Real Grade models.  This single runner seems to have enough parts to spruce up 2 kits.  But with no instructions, save for what is shown in the magazine, I'll find out what I'm dealing with when the time comes.

Join me next time when I finally present to you my completed G Gundam.  Until then, ALWAYS keep the receipt.