Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP: SD G-Gundam (Part 1)

With the introduction out of the way, I'll be showing the progress I've made with my newest SD.

In the last post, I said I wouldn't use any stickers.  But the eyes aren't sculpted on the face.  So the sticker for the eyes is really the only option, right?  Wrong!  First I pressed the sticker onto the face as much as I could.  Then I cut the eyes out of the sticker with my knife, using the rest as an outline.

From there I colored the exposed areas with my metallic-green Gundam Marker before removing the rest of the sticker.  Though the result was pretty messy, the knife had cut deep enough to create the outline for the eyes.  So after hand brushing the surrounding areas black, the eyes were done like a dinner (anyone else ever heard that phrase?).

Next I started painting the other parts to match pics of the finished product.  In order to paint colored plastic in a lighter color, I added layer after layer of white as a base coat.  Next time, I should buy a jar of surfacer (liquid primer) for this sort of thing.

Here's what I've done up till now.  That shiny piece in the middle is the bottom half of the Core Lander jet that latches onto G Gundam's back, which I painted gray.  If I really put in the time, I should be done painting and panel lining by the next post.  Until then, you've never heard the phrase "done like a dinner?"  Seriously?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WIP: SD G-Gundam (Intro)

In my last post, I've bought 2 Gunpla kits to tie me over during my hiatus from my Leo IV project.  They would also be the second and third Gunpla in the God Gundam model kit collection I'm planning.

If you didn't know already, it started with the SD G Gundam (as it's often been called), released way back in 2002 and sold for 600 Japanese yen.  The third completed model in my collection (and the first that I fully painted), it was also the first--and still the best--SD kit in my possession.  But it's not the first SD kit based on G Gundam, which is what this and the next few posts will cover.

Released in 1999 and sold for 500 yen, the original SD G Gundam was actually based on the "SD Generation" series of video games based on the Gundam franchise.

Here are all the runners, the polycaps, the stickers and the instruction booklet for the kit.  Molded in 5 colors, the model itself would need a lot painting to look anything like the box art.  But because this is a break from a bigger project, I'll just build the model and paint what needs painting as I go along.  No, I won't be using the stickers.  And no, there are no missing parts; Bandai just left those empty spaces on the runners.

Due to a series of unforeseen events, posting this WIP is taking longer than I expected.  So I'll stop here.  Join me next time to see how far along I am with this thing.  Until then . . .

OK, I've got nothin.'

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Guess What I Got Today!

By now you've probably realized that I've been as stagnant with my latest project as the Earth Federation during a war (Gundam joke).  This realization takes me back to my freshman year in high school.  In my English class, we would write something, anything in our notebook for a few minutes before the day's class was officially in session.  Whenever we started something we couldn't finish, the teacher encouraged us to start something else, as long as we kept on writin.'

In pretty much the same fashion, whenever Gunpla builders are stuck on something, they usually have another model or two lying around so they could work on a new project until they're ready to finish the old one.  I usually avoid this method for two reasons: First, I didn't like spending money on anything that could wind up collecting dust under my bed and second, I didn't have the money to begin with.  Once I did, however, I decided to buy at least two models to tie me over.  But which would I get?

For a while I've noticed that whenever someone has a favorite mobile suit, they build every model based off it.  Prime92, for example, is crazy about Gundam Exia:

And 2Old4Toys is just mad about the original RX-78-2:

For me, it was quite simple:

Though I've already built the second version of the SD God Gundam, I'll start with its older counterpart (Left).  Then I'll work on the 1/144 NG version (Right) before moving on to the HG version.  From there, I just might buy and build every model based on God Gundam (except maybe the MG Hyper Mode version and the MG kit with the clear leg cause they're basically the same).

If I do go through with this, it'll be on top of all the other Gunpla projects I've already planned.  For now, stayed tuned for my first WIP post on the SD G Gundam.  Until then, I best get started.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Good Site, Long Address

Having trouble typing in the incredibly long web address to my blog?  Then strain your fingers no longer!  To ease your suffering, I've tweaked my address to:

So I ask that all those who follow GKNK to take notice and spread the word.  I'll also be adding a Facebook page soon.

Until next time, I'm having a late lunch.