Monday, September 16, 2013

Don't Call It a Comeback

Due to ongoing financial woes and situations that have kept my family at home 24/7, I meant to announce an official hiatus from my blog in March.  And I'm almost embarrassed to say that I couldn't even do that in a timely manner.  Having sold most of my Gundam collection and taking a frustrating part-time job to cover both a mounting debt and living arrangements, I can still buy supplies bit by bit, but when will I ever use them?

In the meantime, I'm frantically searching for full-time work to solve my cashflow problems and eventually restart all my projects.  I've also been looking at all the HG kits coming out, including those from the upcoming TV series Gundam Build Fighters, and I hope to get one for a straight build to get back into the swing of things.  And somehow I've managed to stock up on some old toys from Gundam's Superior Defender line, so I just might review those in the near future.  Plus, you can still check my Facebook page for random snippets and updates.

So until next time, I've really gotta get over this cold.