Thursday, March 27, 2014

Project V (Part 2)

Last weekend I've started the tedious but necessary task of disassembling my V Gundam kits in order to prepare the parts for gluing.  Despite the hurdles I've had along the way, I succeeded, but not before trying one last experiment.

Yep, I've finally broke out the Weapons for Mobile-Suit add-on parts.  Now we really get to see what's inside.

Molded on 2 runners are parts for beam rifles, cannons, bazookas, a gatling gun, a pistol and a head variant for the 1/144 V2 Gundam.  The set also throws in a plethora of stickers that I'm unlikely to use in most sittings, and building instructions that suggest what goes where.

Also forgot the 2 sets of polycap hands included in the set; 2 pairs of open palms, clenched fists and trigger fingers, along with side-skirt armor to mount weapons.

On the back of each runner, you'll notice holes in the fists and open palms.  I'll go see if I can fill them with putty . . . eventually.

Before taking it apart, I tried out the shoulder cannons meant for the Zoloat.  Both are fixed to the holes in Zoloat's backpack; a simple construct.  Trying out the hands, however, resulted in one hand nearly popping out its socket (the curved handle of the rifle was forcing it out).  For the Javelin, I've chosen a beam bazooka to replace its rifle.

So that's pretty much it for now.  Join me next time for Part 3 of Project V.  Until then . . .

So true, sooo true.