Sunday, April 29, 2012

Guess What I Got Today! (7)

With the MAC Forums project put on hold and with nothing better to do, here's the newest Gunpla I've bought a week ago:

This is the 1/144 NG Victory Gundam Weapons Set, from the Weapons for Mobile-Suit series of add-ons.  Priced at just $10 and with a bunch being sold on eBay, I figured this would make a great addition to my V Gundam models.  The front of the box shows everything the set has to offer: 2 standard beam rifles, 2 beam bazookas, a "multi-bazooka", a gattling gun, 2 beam guns, 2 beam cannons, a beam pistol with a multi-launcher attachment, extra polycap hands, a set of what appears to be water-slide decals, and a head variant for the 1/144 Victory 2 Gundam.

Looking the left and right sides of the box, we see that the Weapons Set is No.14 in the 1/144 V Gundam series (?) and originally sold for 500 Japanese yen.

The top of the box shows 3 Gunpla with the added weapons and decals.

The bottom shows everything painted.

Out the box, the weapons and markings are packaged separately from the six pairs of hands.  The illustrated sheet at the center shows what goes with which model (along with instructions on the back) while the sheet on the left shows on which models you apply the decals, which are actually stickers.  I'll have to see about getting those made into decals.

That's it for my latest Guess What.  We'll see what else happens in the next few days.  Until next time, it's opening week for The Avengers and I haven't watched any Marvel movies leading to it.