Thursday, December 22, 2011

WIP: 1/144 NG G Gundam (Part 2)

As proof that my Gunpla projects are ongoing, here's what I've been doing the last 2 weekends.

Between video games, YouTube videos and eBay sales, I could only focus on preparing parts for priming.  Having just ran out of the hardware primer used in my last paint job, I set out to find more.  But which brand?  Krylon's too thick and dusty.  Testors takes too long to dry.  Tamiya's just right, but a 6oz can hardly justifies a trip from Queens to Manhattan.

This one's good enough.  From the guys who brought you Rust-Oleum, Zinsser's BIN shellac-based primer comes at $9.74 for 12oz.  Test-spraying on tabs from old runners, I shouldn't have been surprised with how well this primer worked, since it's made for plastic among other materials.  My one gripe with it is its hidden costs, namely the $2 bottle of ammonia I had to buy to clean the stuff off my window guards.  Anyway, it's time to prime my Gunpla!

I started with cementing, sanding and masking both of God Gundam's feet and shoulder armor.  Then after priming them in a more ventilated area . . .

The procedure was a success (that paper stuffed in the shoulder armor is tape).  But I didn't get rid off all the seam lines so there's still work to do.

I wanna take this opportunity to announce my interest in the latest modeling contest hosted on the MAC Forums.  My next blog entry will be the last before I start my contest entry next month.  Any news concerning the entry, including what it'll be, will be posted only on threads in the MAC Forums.  Depending on the other goings-on in my life (notably my own time management), this could very well take the full 6 months of the contest's run to complete.  But we shall see what we shall see.

Until next time, Merry Christmas!