Saturday, December 3, 2011

Guess What I Got Today! (3)

When Virginia Woolf wrote about a room of one's room (I took Women's Literature in college), she must've meant a whole house or apartment. She also wrote of how financial and societal constraints can keep people from doing what they want to do.  Such is my situation.  While unforeseen circumstances has kept my family at home--and have forced me to postpone my Gunpla projects--for weeks, I've still managed to add more kits to my growing backlog.  And with my latest purchase totaling $11.49, it's worth sacrificing some leg room.

Presenting the 1/144 scale replicas of the ZM-S06S Zoloat and the RGM-122 Javelin from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.  Added to my to-do list of Gunpla, I've meant to snag the Zoloat for some time; the Javelin's just an added bonus.

A preview of the contents of each kit.

I'm especially interested in this line of kits because they're apparently Bandai's first attempt at incorporating an inner frame in a 1/144 scale unit, but with polycaps.  But I can't go into detail about these models until I can actually work on them, and that's after I can finish the ones I've got.  And that's after I'm cut off from all human contact.  So I should really stop buying Gunpla for the time being (or at least after I scratch one more old kit off my list).

Join me next time (at some point in the near future) when we'll see if I ever get anything done.  Until then, it's my turn to wash the dishes.