Friday, February 17, 2012

WIP: 1/144 NG G Gundam (Part 4)

Yet again errands and auctions combine to completely steer me away from my Gunpla.  But I took advantage of an extra day alone despite further obstacles.

I started by painting all of G Gundam's primed parts.  As you can see, I overpainted the bottom of one foot red, which I eventually corrected with thinner and white paint.

After all was said and done, I've completely erased the holes on the spikes for the shoulder guards.  I just hope that nothing gets jammed when I finally piece everything together.

I passed the time between paintjobs by inking the sculpted lines on the non-painted parts.  I started inking the skirt armor before realizing I had to color it, and then realized I had to buy more paint since my old jars dried up and the Gundam Markers clashed with the plastic colors (sigh).

But my first real accomplishment in weeks was turning G Gundam's single beam sword into a bokuto, or bokken or whatever the Japanese call their wooden swords.  I used natural wood as a base color and then drybrushed a mix of flat and light brown for a wood-grain effect.  Afterwards I drybrushed on some rubber (yes, rubber) for darker grains before going over the whole thing with clear yellow.  Looking back, I never thought of studying my own wooden floor for this.

From here on in, you'll hear nothing more from me till this thing's done.  So until then, I'll continue analyzing the fascination of young girls with the Twilight Saga.