Sunday, July 3, 2011

WIP: 1/144 LM Leo Custom--Part 4

As mentioned in my last post, this post will explain the process of panel lining and applying a topcoat, and also applying water-slide decals.  For the uninitiated, panel lining is when you color the lines that are sculpted on a model, while a topcoat is a transparent paint that seals and protects any underlying material.  When I first tried both methods on my last model, I colored the panel lines first and then applied the topcoat.  The results were pretty messy to say the least.  Now I know I have to leave more drying time between both steps.  Here's what I mean.

First I sprayed Tamiya Clear Gloss on the parts with short, quick sprays to avoid ruining the paint job.

After giving the clear gloss the rest of the day to dry, I filled in the panel lines of the model using a specialty Gundam Paint Marker and a .005 ultra-fine paint Micron pen.  All I had to do was stick the tip in the grooves and follow along, and any mistakes were easily wiped off.

The next day, I applied the water-slide decals onto the model.  Almost all the Limited Model Gunpla give you one sheet of decals.  But if your follow the instructions to the letter, you never finish the whole sheet.  To put them on, you dip them in water for 10 seconds or so, let them stand on a dry surface for a few seconds more, slide them from their backing onto the parts with a toothpick and press them into place with a q-tip.  Since the clear gloss smooths out rough surfaces, having the decals conform to those surfaces was a piece of cake.

Once the decals were dry, I gave the parts another coat of clear gloss.  Several hours later, I finally put the parts together.

So how did the whole thing turn out?  You'll just have to wait for my next post to find out.  Until then, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.