Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WIP: 1/144 NG G Gundam (Intro)

With another Gunpla project hitting an unexpected roadblock (though technically, it's complete), I've moved on to the 1/144 NG God Gundam in order to continue my God Gundam collection.  Released in '94, this kit originally sold for 500 Japanese yen ($7).

The front of the box displays a painted boxart style typical for most Gunpla in the '90's, and it's my favorite next to the boxart for the HGUC/FC/AW line of Gunpla.

This is what the top and bottom side of the box looks like.  According to the bottom left-hand corner, God Gundam's the 8th kit in the 1/144 G Gundam NG series.

This side's supposed to show the actual size of the finished product (minus the V-Fin) if held vertically.  But it's covered with warning labels.

And this side shows 3 of the other kits available in the series along with the retail price and barcode on the right.

These are all the runners holding all the parts to assemble the model.  Most of the parts are molded in the right colors but some areas still need painting.  The A1 runner (upper left) holds all the yellow parts and some of the blue and white parts.  The A2 runner (upper right) holds all the red parts and the rest of the blue parts.  The B1 and B2 runners (lower left), having most of the white parts, could've been a single runner but separate both legs for some reason.  On the lower right is the PC-107 runner with the polycaps.  Lastly is the newest entry in my unused sticker collection.

This seems like your typical NG polycap runner, except there's an extra polycap for holding the lower torso together.  And the polycaps themselves are slightly more durable.

And what plastic model rundown would be complete without viewing the instruction booklet, featuring backstories, technical specs and step-by-step illustrations:

At the bottom of the right page is a special form to order replacement parts (for use in Japan only).

And so ends my overview of the 1/144 NG God Gundam.  Join me later when I summarize my progress with the kit.  Until then, . . .

Guess what I got today!

Actually, I bought this last Friday but you get the point.